What does Floriday mean to you as a buyer and user of Florisoft? We made an FAQ for you so you are well prepared for the new year.

  • For you as a buyer, this means you place all orders via the digital platforms FloraMondo, FloraXchange and Blueroots. This can be done through a connection from Florisoft, or via the digital system offered by Royal Flora Holland. If you also make use of the trading arrangement (auction financial transactions), these will eventually also run through Floriday.

  • To be able to import your stock on Floriday into your Florisoft system, you need the module Florisoft .Net Floriday Client. The stock in Floriday automatically ends up in your Florisoft, so you can set this open in your webshop or debit it yourself.

    The implementation of Floriday Client will be further planned in consultation and depends, among other things, on the status of Floriday. The realization of the API link can be found online on the website of Floriday.

Do you have any questions about Floriday and your Florisoft license? Contact us via the button below, we are happy to help you.