What does Floriday mean for you as a grower and user of Florisoft? We made an FAQ for you so that you are well prepared for the new year.

  • For you as a grower, this means you have to have your supply online at Floriday by the end of 2020. This can be done via a connection from Florisoft, or via the digital system offered by Royal Flora Holland. If you also make auction letters or do Connect transactions, these will eventually also run via Floriday.

  • If you want to offer your stock via Florisoft on Floriday, you need the module Florisoft .Net Floriday Server. The orders that the customer orders via Floriday will then end up directly in your Florisoft. The implementation of Floriday Server will be further planned in consultation and depends, among other things, on the status of Floriday. The realization of the API link can be found online on the Floriday website.

Do you have any questions about Floriday and your Florisoft license? Contact us via the button below, we are happy to help you.