With our shop you can buy & sell all your flowers, plants & accessories online B2B. The shop has an integration with our ERP & WMS solution. This allows you to not only show your own stocks and order lists, but also stocks from other companies (via VMP stock linking).

We are constantly making improvements to the shop. Our customers with an active shop see an increase in unique visitors, more time-spent on the shop and a bigger number of orders. The shop allows you to live up to your business's full potential: from idea to ideal.


Our shop is compatible with various devices (desktop, tablet & mobile). Do you want to offer the shop in the Google Play Store & Apple App Store? Then you can have an app released. Customers can then install this on their phone, giving you even greater brand awareness.


Because the shop is modular, you have the option to create a custom package by use of our add-ons. A commonly used add-on is CMS. This allows you to create, manage and change content yourself without having specialized technical knowledge in-house. With this module you have the option to integrate your website into your shop. This means that your customers are able to do everything on one platform!

In addition to the CMS add-on, other popular add-ons are:

  • Shop in Shop;
  • Payment gateway;
  • Whatsapp;
  • Dashboard (BI).