The software partner for:
ERP, WMS & E-Commerce solutions

ERP / WMS solutions and digital technology have become increasingly more popular within the horticulture sector. By organizing business processes as efficient as possible, you will be able to cut on time, space and money. With clear goals and our combined knowledge of e-commerce, sales and technology, we are able to find the right strategy for your organization.

We do not work for, but with our customers.

Shop, App & Add-ons

Purchase and sell online your flowers, plants & accessories via a shop, app or various add-ons. And let your customers check online their invoices.


By use of our modules entry control, labeling, pick order and final check, you can have full control over your incoming and outgoing stocks.

Import Export

Control your organization accurately through order lists, stocks and logistic instruments. Florisoft regulates it for you; from mandatory export documentation to declaration facilities.

Truck Sales

Florisoft created the ultimate platform for truck sales: FloriLine. An interactive platform that not only makes your device smarter, but the entire truck.


We offer every support to offer products to the clock sales. Through stock connections you can see exactly what is in stock and you have all information within reach.

Product photo

Our mechanized FloriShoot solution can be seamlessly integrated with your existing back office & web shop software. All focus on the perfect product photo.