####Florisoft is Twinfield certified!

26 August 2020

Great news! Florisoft has recently become a certified partner of Twinfield. Twinfield Accounting provides you with clear real-time insight into your financial administration. This way you’re able to make the right decisions for your company and your customers!

####Collaboration Gebr. Noort

25 May 2020

Every partnership we start with our customers is unique, and they are all valuable to us. There are projects that we are extra proud of. Because a nice collaboration has been created, a good interaction between Florisoft and the customer was established, or because we delivered thoughtful custom work. One such collaboration that we are particularly proud of is the one with Gebr. Noort Flowerexport.

####Cooperation King Solutions

11 May 2020

Florisoft and King Solutions will be working together, which is good news! This collaboration creates new development opportunities and enables us to serve our customers even better. The collaboration is aimed at providing users of Florisoft with insight into all data.

####Accessibility by phone

05 May 2020

For a while, we have been looking for a way to improve the accessibility of the support department. From week 20 changes will take place by contacting Florisoft by telephone.

####SEO integration FloriShop

17 April 2020

Good news! The FloriShop addon CMS is now expanded with SEO sitemapping functionality.

SEO stands for ‘Search Enigine Optimization’ and helps you with search engine optimization. It is a collection of techniques aimed at improving your website or webshop for findability in search engines such as Google.

####Maatregelen Coronavirus

23 March 2020

Last week the RIVM announced further precautionary actions because of the outbreak of the Corona virus. Because of this, Florisoft has decided to take steps to prevend spreading of the virus. We will not make live appointments with customers and other relations until April 6th.

####Holstein Flowers launches FloriShop App

27 January 2020

Gerbera grower Holstein Flowers from de Lier recently launched a FloriShop App in collaboration with Florisoft. With the app, customers always and everywhere have an up-to-date overview of the gerbera range.

####CBS Send

27 June 2019

From 1 June 2019, CBS Send will no longer be supported: the submission method has changed. We have made a clear manual for you, step by step indicating how you can make a declaration.

####IFTF and Tradefair 2019

12 November 2019

Last week, like every year, we were at the Tradefair in Aalsmeer and the IFTF in Vijfhuizen. We had busy days! We met many connections and made new contacts.


03 September 2019

Since 2019 we have completely switched to PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL is an Enterprise level database system and has been voted the best database system by developers worldwide. Due to the large active community, PostgreSQL will have a rapid development, which will keep Florisoft fast and stable.

####Florisoft is expanding

28 June 2019

With effect from 1 January 2020, we are expanding and, in addition to our current location at Rijnsburgerweg 108, we will also be working in the office building at number 106.

Because we are always evolving and to further optimize our growth, we choose for more space and more options. The choice to also move into the former premises of JAN Accountancy was a logical step and a unique opportunity; with more and more employees, we are growing from the current building.