Florisoft has an extensive ERP, WMS & E-Commerce software solution for the horticulture sector (including an integrated shop, app & add-ons). Throughout our software people purchase and sell their flowers, plants & accessories (online).
We do not work for, but with our customers. We have been doing this since 1997 and we continue to be the leading company of the horticulture sector. The possibilities and questions are constantly changing. And we are moving along with it: with more than 25 years of experience, we offer the most advanced software for the entire horticulture sector.
Our offices are located in Rijnsburg since 2014, right next to the Royal Flora Holland auction. Accessible for everyone as it is close to the highway, the flower auction and, for our international customers, the Schiphol airport. In 2020 we have doubled our office space through a unique opportunity by also moving into the adjacent building. In our office you will find the following departments: implementation, support, web development , App development and software engineering. We have various demo rooms, an advanced scrum room and a studio where we can record (instructional) videos. With our team of specialists, we organize your business processes as efficiently as possible. And with clear goals, we find the right strategy for your organization.
In 2020 the opportunity arose to double our office space by moving into the adjacent building. This provided the much needed room to grow and further develop our teams, while increasing our reach and quality of service. These departments include: implementation, support, web development & software engineering. We have access to multiple demo rooms, an advanced Scrum room and a studio where we record instructional videos. With our team of specialists, we organize and optimize your business processes as efficiently as possible.
A selection of the solutions that Florisoft offers:
  • Florisoft: our extensive ERP / WMS software solution;
  • FloriShop: our shop with smart add-ons;
  • FloriShoot: an automated photo studio for the best product photos;
  • FloriLine: the most beautiful interactive solution for regular drivers;
  • FloriLogic: the solution for your logistics process;
It is not without a reason that customers from all over the world know where to find Florisoft. We have more than 5000 users that work with our ERP / WMS software, Shop, App and add-ons. Not only throughout Europe, but also in Canada, New York, the Arab Emirates and Australia. We provide a software solution for:
  • Wholesalers;
  • Importers;
  • Exporters;
  • Growers;
  • Commissioners;
  • Line drivers.