Florisoft .Net Payment Terminals

15 July 2024

With this module, you can send payments directly from the Florisoft payment screen to your card terminal! Moreover, once the payment is successfully completed, it’s immediately registered in Florisoft.

Verify purchase invoices

21 May 2024

Would you like to work more efficiently while maintaining control over your financial administration? We are very busy developing a new module to assist you with this!
Launch of Florisoft Apps

13 February 2024

Since 2022, we’ve embarked on a revolutionary course with the development of our own apps. After a period, full of challenges, fine collaborations and dedicated efforts, we are excited to share all the details with you.

New payment options in your webshop

23 November 2023

Discover the ease of new payment options in your webshop!
Design afdeling

23 February 2023

Innovation, efficiency and more than 25 years of experience, characteristics that make Florisoft still a leader in the industry. Whether this comes naturally? Of course not.
The strength is moving with the market. Entrepreneurship means looking ahead and besides having the most advanced software, the appearance is also more and more important.

Track and Trace

17 March 2022

Florisoft's Track and Trace module helps your organization with product tracking. You know exactly what is happening at what time and you can track your products throughout the supply chain.

Transport Costing

11 February 2022

Recently, our web developers have been working on a new FloriShop addon: Transport Costing. Read more below about the possibilities of this convenient addon for your webshop!


14 January 2022

With our innovative approach and intelligent solutions we are leaders in software for the floriculture sector.

Warm standby server

19 October 2021

With a warm standby server you are always assured of a copy of the production data in a separate database on another machine. The production server can also be relieved of heavy read queries that are required for BI tools, for example. With this module you can therefore secure your data within the Postgres database on a second server, and also relieve the production server because all read queries are handled by the warm standby server.

FloriShop addon Loadbalancing

10 August 2021

It's been a while since we featured an addon on the website. That certainly doesn't mean we're sitting still! Our web development department is busy developing FloriShop on a daily basis. A large part of our customer base uses this webshop to sell to customers all over the world. More and more smart addons are being developed and we use the latest techniques to translate customer wishes into a clear and reliable e-commerce environment.

FloriShop Dashboard

02 June 2021

You may have already had a demo from one of our colleagues or received information before: the FloriShop Dashboard. Research shows that organizations that use a dashboard make better decisions and therefore achieve better results. Florisoft developed the FloriShop Dashboard: this dashboard allows you to easily apply dashboard components in the CMS.

New; Hyperlinks

20 January 2021

Our web development department developed new screens in the CMS that allow administrators to manage pages and categories in FloriShop. We also introduce a brand new functionality in the form of CMS Links.

Nieuwe dashboard in Florisoft Sales

04 December 2020

Recently a dashboard has become available in the Sales module with the aim of informing the seller about the status and purchasing behavior of the customers. Read more about this functionality and all possibilities here!

FloriShoot photo studio

13 October 2020

Recently Florisoft has been working on the development of a brand new photo booth project that has now been taken into use at Royal Flora Holland. At the end of September the project went live and the feedback is positive! Florisoft is now able to photograph large tow carts in a (very) short time.

FloriShop Sales: new screen

07 August 2020

We've added a new screen to the FloriShop Sales addon! This gives the seller a clear overview of all customers from his debtor group who recently made 1 or more purchases in the webshop.
New text editor available: TinyMCE

05 August 2020

Recently we implemented the TinyMCE plugin in the CMS of FloriShop. A super clear and visual editor with countless possibilities. The functions are very clear and instead of blindly adding all options to your editor, TinyMCE lets you choose which functions are important to you.

New filter interface option

24 July 2020

Good news from our web development department:

For FloriShop they recently designed a new stock filter interface option with filter cards and dropdowns.

Webshop users focus on the product they are logging in for as quickly as possible. To make it even easier for the user, this new way of displaying your filters is now integrated in FloriShop. The filters are fast, user-friendly and clear. This way you can shop optimally efficiently: for example, you can skip, undo or combine choices.

New design CMS!

14 July 2020

Our webdevelopment department has applied a new design to our CMS; even more beautiful than it already was! The new design is based on the style of our website.

FloriShop addon Notification Centre

30 June 2020

With the new FloriShop addon * Pop-up, Chat & Notification Center * you have an important tool to communicate quickly and directly with customers. The seller can come into contact with the customer in an accessible way. The opportunity to chat offers added value in terms of customer service ánd customer satisfaction!

FloriShop changelog April 2020

29 April 2020

Clever! From now on you will regularly find a summary of the most recent changes in the FloriShop Complete platform on our website. A clear recap of the latest new functionalities.

Business to consumer

04 October 2019

De FloriShop addon B2C is dé oplossing wanneer je in Florisoft ook transacties wilt uitvoeren tussen je bedrijf en de consument.

Mobile Photo

03 October 2019

The FloriShop addon Mobile Photo makes it possible to set up parcel photos directly from your smartphone. Immediately upload to your webshop from your smartphone!

FloriShop supports Buckaroo

27 June 2019

Great news: From now on it is also possible to pay outstanding invoices within FloriShop with Buckaroo.