30 December 2022

Product photo

24 June 2019

Our mechanized FloriShoot solution can be seamlessly integrated with your existing back office & web shop software. All focus on the perfect product photo. With FloriShoot you immediately link a photo to a parcel: automatically shot, with sticker and barcode on the right side and with the perfect crop. Because we work closely with our mechanization partner, you are assured of the best combination with progressive techniques, tailor-made for your company.


24 June 2019

We offer every support to offer products to the clock sales. Through stock connections you can see exactly what is in stock and you have all information within reach.

Truck sales

24 June 2019

Florisoft created the ultimate platform for truck sales: FloriLine. An interactive platform that not only makes your device smarter, but the entire truck.

Import Export

24 June 2019

Manage your organization through order lists, stocks and logistical instruments. Florisoft arranges it for you; from mandatory export documentation to declaration facilities.

Logistic solutions

24 June 2019

Florisoft created the solution for your logistic process: FloriLogic. More control over the fulfillment process, data collection and support through the latest techniques.

E-commerce solutions

24 June 2019

Innovative web shops, smart addons and professional realization of live connections. We offer a wide range of solutions in e-commerce and we continue to develop further.