With this news item we would like to inform you about the phasing out of the basic authentication used for POP3 and the ADS feature stop.

Phasing out POP3

If you use Microsoft Office 365, there is a good chance that you also use this system for reading EKT messages. This is now often done with the so-called POP3 protocol. From October, Microsoft will phase out the basic authentication used for POP3.

It also already happens that Microsoft turns off Basic Authentication for 48 hours with random selection. This can now be solved by doing the following:
Turn the Basic Authentication back on in the Office365 account. In most cases, this can only be done by the administrator or hardware supplier. See here for more information.

Because this solution will no longer work by the end of the year, Florisoft has built a secure authentication that is compatible; OAuth2.0. You can read more about this here.

Check, possibly in consultation with your server supplier, whether your organization uses the above method of POPping. If that is the case, we can convert this (free of charge) to OAuth2.0. A recent Florisoft version is required for this (the Latest version from the end of July or the Stable from September 20).

Feel free to contact our support department if you have any questions.