Innovative web shops, smart addons and professional realization of live connections. We offer a wide range of solutions in e-commerce and we continue to develop further.

The newest techniques

With a dedicated team of webdevelopers and programmers we work on high-quality total solutions. The power of our webshop, FloriShop, is not only the responsive design, but also the extensive theme management and the smart addons. With FloriShop My Style you can have a completely custom design developed.

With the latest technology we translate all your wishes into a clear and reliable e-commerce environment and of course FloriShop is compatible with all standards such as E-trade, Floramondo and FloriDay.

Because we are always developing, FloriShop is sustainable, expandable and always adaptable. A reliable and stable platform that continues to function without you having to worry about it.

In addition to FloriShop, we offer many other innovative addons and optimal solutions in the field of e-commerce. The FloriShop addon Payment Gateway makes it possible to have a payment made with external payment providers. With the FloriShop Sales addon, the account manager can now use functionalities that were previously only available via Florisoft in the webshop. Accessible, insightful and clear management of debtors, purchases and offers.