For a while, we have been looking for a way to improve the accessibility of the support department. From week 20 changes will take place by contacting Florisoft by telephone.

We currently use the well-known callback system, in which you are first answered by our reception and then forwarded, or an ID is made within our ticket system and you are called back by someone of our support department.

With the current developments concerning the corona virus and our aim to structurally improve the accessibility of our support department, we have invested our time in configuring and programming our own call center system.

The objectives for the coming period:

• Improve the response time of our support department.
• Remove unnecessary connections so that you are immediately helped by someone with knowledge of Florisoft software.
• Avoid having to go through long menu options as a customer; the functionality is extended only on demand.

We will further develop the telephone exchange in order to improve the service to our customers. As a first step, we introduce a queue where you will be placed as a caller and will be answered directly by our support department as soon as possible. Our call center will be rolled out from week 20.