Every partnership we start with our customers is unique, and they are all valuable to us. There are projects that we are extra proud of. Because a nice collaboration has been created, a good interaction between Florisoft and the customer was established, or because we delivered thoughtful custom work. One such collaboration that we are particularly proud of is the one with Gebr. Noort Flowerexport.

Gebr. Noort Flowerexport is a flowers and plants wholesaler. The company was founded in 1991 and has since built up a name that stands for personal contact, innovation and quality.

Gebr. Noort Flowerexport has made great strides to keep up with the times. The newest ways of daily purchasing the freshest products remotely are applied.

More than a year ago, we were approached by Daan Noort to discuss a collaboration. This resulted in a custom Florisoft .Net license that was confidently adapted from a SaaS solution to the purchase of our software after the implementation period.

Gebr. Noort made a great step in the automation process of the company. Ready for the future!

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