We started a customer satisfaction survey at the end of last year. This is an important study for us to find out where we can make improvements in our organization. In this blog, we will keep you informed of the steps we are taking as a result of your feedback and the results of the research. This week: #2: How do you see Florisoft? Which values do you consider important and which values do you assign to us?

To answer this question, we asked you (among other things): To what extent would you recommend Florisoft on a scale from 0 to 10? The answers to this were measured by the NPS score: the Net Promoter Score, where a positive score is crucial for a healthy business climate.

The respondents were able to explain their choice and we would like to share some of these reactions with you. We will all take these into account in the steps that we will be taking in the near future to make improvements in our organization.

For example, you wrote about Florisoft:

• Innovative, progressive and always solution-oriented
• Stable, user-friendly system with a super support department
• The software is awesome, there is none like it in Canada
• Great software, lots of options and potential, stable and reliable

This is what we like to hear!

Of course, we also received feedback with points for improvement to include in our organizational structure. These points are also important to us; what can we do to satisfy not most, but all customers? A brief explanation of your feedback:

Service and assistance should be faster:
Did you know that we adjusted our telephone exchange last year as a result of this input? When you call our support department now, you will speak to them directly via a selection menu, instead of having the receptionist on the phone first. In addition, 2 new colleagues have started support in recent months and number 3 will start next month! With more capacity, we hope to be able to help you even faster and better.

It is too extensive, and therefore you lose the overview.
Behind the scenes, our colleagues are busy writing (Dutch and English) manuals to explain the modules and functionalities for everyone. We do not only want to give you tools through written manuals, there is more to come! First things first, we'll keep you posted. A small reveal: The Green screen is already there. Are you already following our YouTube channel?

We would like you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We will also keep you informed there. Soon a follow-up to this blog about the customer satisfaction survey, in which we also tell you more about our software.

You can read the first part of our customer survey blog here.