Since the 27th of January 2023, you can find the inclusive price on the provisional EKT.

The inclusive price makes it possible to determine your own selling price earlier. Previously, the inclusive price was only visible on the final EKT.

The wish of showing the inclusive price in the provisional EKT originally came from the market. Florisoft started a market survey, to find out if more customers will benefit from this development.

Following the positive reactions from our customers, Royal FloraHolland made the adjustment. Our motto ‘We are not working for, but with our customers’ proves again how important it is to be close with the market and work together.

If the adjustment causes problems, you can contact the Customer Contact Center of Royal FloraHolland. Reachable from Monday to Thursday from 05.30 – 17.00 and on Friday from 05.30 – 16.00.
Their telephone number is +31 88 789 89 89.