Starting July 1st, you can use the new settings screen in your FloriShop. Curious about what has changed? Read on to find out.

Recently, a lot of work has gone into developing the new settings screen. The current screen was outdated and could be improved in terms of interface, information, and functionalities. For these reasons, we decided to completely renew the screen.

What does the new settings screen offer?

Improved Search Functionality

One of the most important new features is the search terms. Each setting has a section that can be expanded with multiple search terms. This makes finding the right settings not only clearer but also easier.

In the example above, you can see the additional search terms "PRICE" and "BESTVERD." These terms can be searched in the new settings screen via the newly added search field in the header.

Additional Information Available
When you choose a specific setting, you will encounter a new interface.
This interface provides various new options for information related to the specific setting. Thanks to the intuitive design, the functionalities are very easy to use and become self-explanatory once you start working with them.
Synchronization of Information
Another efficient new feature is the synchronization of setting-specific information. All important information about the settings, such as search terms, translations, and notes, are stored in a central location and then shared with all other FloriShops. This way, your shop has the most up-to-date settings information daily, and we help each other in an effective manner.

And finally...

  • Completely new design
    The screen is more pleasant and easier to use.
  • Increased speed
    The performance of the settings screen has been significantly improved.
  • More accessible
    Passwords are no longer required thanks to improved user validations.

"The new screen will be available starting July 1st and can be accessed as you are used to!"

Meanwhile, we are working on a new WebshopSetting 'SettingsVersion’, which will allow you to choose whether to work with the old or the new settings screen.

If you have any further questions, please contact our support department.

We're happy to help!