A while ago we started a pilot for the implementation of a Florisoft license in collaboration with Decorum. A very nice license!

For Decorum, we divided the project into two phases: in the first phase, the focus was on the FloriShop webshop, including a nice clear CMS with which we have brought the website and the webshop together into one platform that is easy to manage online.

Decorum represents over fifty specially selected plant and flower growers. In the webshop you will find a wide and reliable range of the quality brand. You can place your order easily and quickly via the webshop. You’ll receive all products fresh and directly from the growers!

Phase 1 of the project has now been completed and we are entering phase 2 full of enthusiasm! In this phase of the project we will further fine-tune the license and also focus on various FloriShop addons. With the FloriShop addon Analyze you can, for example, send data to Google Analytics.

We are also setting up a FloriShop Dashboard for Decorum, which offers the possibility to apply the various components in the CMS. When creating a new component, they can decide which data is displayed with an SQL query. The design of the Dashboard can be completely adapted to your wishes, both in content and functionality.

A great collaboration! Decorum stands for quality, sustainability and innovation and Florisoft is proud to be part of it.

More information about Decorum Plants & Flowers? Click here for their website