It has been a while since we gave an update on Floriday. Floriday is still in full development with several improvements to the existing features, and new features are being added. Read more about the progress here.

In order to give everyone enough time to work 100% Digital, Floriday indicated at the end of last year that there is a temporary leniency arrangement. If you are not ready to trade 100% Digital by January 1st, 2021, you can make use of the leniency. We have requested the leniency for all Florisoft users who have indicated that they wish to make use of this. Floriday has sent you a confirmation (by post) for this.

With the leniency arrangement it is still possible to use the Connect-EAB now. After March 31, the rates for the use of the Connect-EAB will be higher. Nothing will change for growers and buyers who only trade and buy through the clock.

Florisoft developed 2 new modules for Floriday: Floriday Client and Floriday Server. Florisoft is connected to Floriday through an API connection: this gives you the opportunity to continue working in Florisoft and at the same time you meet the requirements of 100% Digital (with the Floriday API connection or Blueroots API connection).

The Floriday modules have recently been run as a pilot at a number of customers selected by us. This way we can process the feedback in updated versions until the modules are released for rollout to customers who have indicated that they wish to include the module in their license. Also, a clear manual has been written for the modules. We're almost there with the connections.

If you have already purchased the Floriday Client or Floriday Server module for your license, we will contact you as soon as it is active and we will implement the module. With the help of one of our colleagues, you will go through the settings and you can get started with the manual you receive. If you have any questions, you can always contact our support department afterwards.

If you have substantive questions about Floriday itself, you can go to the Help Center at the top right on the website of Floriday. With keywords you can find the right information here.