Discover the ease of new payment options in your webshop!

Looking for a way to improve your cash flow and speed up invoice payments? Our new functionalities can help you with this:

• Payment link

• Calculating VAT in the shopping cart

• Direct payment in the shopping cart

• Prepayment

Payment link
You can make the payment of the invoices as easy as possible for your customers by using a payment link. With this functionality you can generate a link of the invoice, both from the shop and the backoffice, and send this via Whatsapp or email. When the customer opens the link they will be directed straight to the invoice and have the option to pay immediately (comparable to Tikkie).
Calculating VAT in the shopping cart
The amounts in the shopping cart are normally shown without VAT. If you want you can calculate the VAT in the shopping cart as well, so the customer sees his payment amount including VAT.
Direct Payment in the shopping cart
With the standard settings customers can confirm the order without immediate payment. With this functionality you can set up the shop in a way that customers have to pay in order to confirm the order. If there is no successful payment, the order will be cancelled.
To avoid unpaid invoices there is the prepayment function.
In order to be able to shop the customer needs to add money to a shop wallet with which the order will be charged. The wallet will need to be charged when the minimum value is reached before a new order can be placed.
These functionalities are combined in the new module: FloriShop addon Payment Extensions.

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