Clever! From now on you will regularly find a summary of the most recent changes in the FloriShop Complete platform on our website. A clear recap of the latest new functionalities.

The most recent changes in FloriShop till April 2020:

Shopping cart customization mode
You can now determine how existing divisions in the shopping cart can be adjusted via the WINKELWAGENAANPASMODUS on the Shopping cart. The options now available:
• Default: You open the parcel detail screen to adjust a distribution
• Shopping cart: You can directly adjust the distribution in the row

Label MagNietAnnuleren
Gallery: For external parcels whose supplier has indicated that cancellation is not possible, a comment symbol is displayed. If this is hovered over, a text is displayed explaining that a purchase on this batch cannot be canceled. This text can be changed/ translated via the resource key MagNietAnnuleren.

Length sorting
In the stock it is now possible to sort the parcels by length. This sorting can be activated in the web shop setting VOORRAAD SORTEREN

Hide article groups by product group
The shop now listens to product group setting “Toon onderliggende artikelgroepen” in the back office. First activate the web shop setting MenuVerbergArtikelgroepen to hide everything by default, then show article groups per product group.

Label unlimited
It is now possible to show the label “unlimited” at a batch. In the webshop setting SYSTEM ONGELIMITEERDEVOORRAAD you can set the number of pieces used to determine whether there is unlimited stock for a batch. If the number of pieces is higher than this number, the label will appear unlimited. The label's resource key is also named Ongelimiteerd.

SEO stands for ‘Search Enigine Optimization’ and helps you with search engine optimization. It is a collection of techniques aimed at improving your website or webshop for findability in search engines such as Google. Search engine optimization is what you can do as a company to show your website as high as possible in the organic (free) search results of search engines. That is for 95% about Google, but there are also other search engines such as Bing and DuckDuckGo.

With the integration of SEO into the user-friendly FloriShop CMS, you can now optimize your pages for visitors and search engines. SEO in FloriShop includes a sitemap; an overview of all pages on your website in an XML file behind your domain name. You can compare it to the table of contents of a book: instead of chapters and sections, the sitemap contains links to all pages and articles on your website.

New payment providers
In addition to the existing payment providers, such as Buckaroo and Sagepay, the following payment providers are now also supported:

Note to grower
It is now possible to send a comment directly from the shopping cart to the grower of the purchased batch. This can be activated with the setting WINKELWAGEN WINKELWAGENPARTIJOPMERKING

Standard view per debtor
It is now possible to set the default view in the stock and order list for each debtor. The webshop takes over the settings from the following fields in the debtor card:
• Order standard view desktop
• Order standard view mobile
• Stock standard view desktop
• Stock standard view mobile

Version number visible in health page
The current version number can now also be found in the health page (~/Settings/Health). Based on this version number, the installed version is easy to determine by FloriShop support.

Show X features in batch cart
From now on it is also possible to show X characteristics in the characteristic view in the gallery and in the batch cart. In the setting VOORRAAD PARTIJARTIKELXKENMERKEN, enter the codes of the X features you want to display.

Sales: Support to create new debtor
If you have the FloriShop Sales module, it is now also possible as a seller to create a new debtor from the webshop. This function can be authorized separately from the seller in the webshop. The debtor can of course also be adjusted.