Recently a dashboard has become available in the Sales module with the aim of informing the seller about the status and purchasing behavior of the customers. Read more about this functionality and all possibilities here!

In addition to a standard display that we have implemented for the dashboard, you also have the option to add charts, meters and overviews on this page. All information from the database can be used to display the information of the selected customer. In this way you personalize your dashboard exactly to the wishes of your organization. The administrator needs experience with SQL queries to set up the dashboard.

The seller has a dashboard by default that shows when the selected customer was online last. It also shows whether there is still outstanding balance. In the meter in the middle you can see how much has been sold to the customer this month and on the right side of the past year you can see the turnover of the selected customer per month. This dashboard can be switched on and off per seller.

A CMS container is available under the standard implemented dashboard in which you can apply dashboard components yourself. These dashboards can be edited with an easy to use editor mode that you can activate. All other CMS components are also available in this container. Organize the page yourself based on rows and columns: simple and fast!

Two different dashboards are available that are automatically refreshed after selecting a sales debtor. In the general CMS container you can use queries that are not oriented to the selected debtor, but to all your customers or a specific customer group. This container appears when you have not selected a customer. In the Debtor CMS container you can use queries that show information about the selected customer. In the queries you can filter on the selected customer and the container refreshes itself when you choose a (different) customer. Well organized!

Would you like more information about the available views in the dashboard and the functionalities? Let us know, we are happy to help you.