Innovation, efficiency and more than 25 years of experience, characteristics that make Florisoft still a leader in the industry. Whether this comes naturally? Of course not.
The strength is moving with the market. Entrepreneurship means looking ahead and besides having the most advanced software, the appearance is also more and more important.

In order to respond to these wishes, we started our own design department last year. A bull's eye, because within a year this department has tripled in size and become indispensable to our company.

Design shapes communication
One of the biggest milestones is the optimization of our development processes. The customer and his needs are central to us, but how can we translate these needs to the developer in the best possible way? We have found the answer; through good design. Design shapes communication and makes it concrete and result-oriented.

The client's wishes literally end up on the drawing board first, gives both the client and the developer a visual image of what needs to be developed. In this way, feedback can already be given before the development phase, so the result is already optimized before the start of the development. But there’s more. We are working hard to develop a new website, which we expect to deliver next year.

We can help
A good design makes you stand out and distinctive. The quality of the product is important, but its presentation can be decisive. Design is also inextricably linked to innovation. If you want to move forward with your business, a suitable design can no longer be lacking in this day and age. Now that we have the knowledge and quality in-house, we want to make this service available to our customers.

Florisoft has professional graphic designers and UX developers who specialize in creating a unique, recognizable look and user experiences for companies in the floriculture. We'll work together to create a logo, color palette, iconography and other visual elements that make you stand out. We can also help develop a cohesive brand strategy that can be used in all of the company's marketing and advertising materials.

Curious about what our designers can do for you?

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