Recently Florisoft has been working on the development of a brand new photo booth project that has now been taken into use at Royal Flora Holland. At the end of September the project went live and the feedback is positive! Florisoft is now able to photograph large tow carts in a (very) short time.

The entire process can be incorporated within the existing logistics system. The photo booth is compatible with the traction cart and there is no limit to the number of carts that can be photographed one after the other in the tow. It’s possible to drive through the studio at approximately 4 kilometers per hour and the solution is not a bottleneck for the logistics flow.

Buyers at the clock in Eelde have not seen the products so close before: the photos are displayed large on projection screens. The cart photos are suitable to properly estimate the proportions of the products, we are now looking for new LED projectors. Image auctioning is an extra opportunity and the balance will be drawn up in the coming period.

Florisoft made the video below for a nice preview of the FloriShoot cart photography project. We are happy with the collaboration with Royal Flora Holland Eelde and proud of the end result!