With the new FloriShop addon * Pop-up, Chat & Notification Centre * you have an important tool to communicate quickly and directly with customers. The seller can come into contact with the customer in an accessible way. The opportunity to chat offers added value in terms of customer service ánd customer satisfaction!

The choice to integrate the chat function into the webshop is conscious: customer, product and seller are close to each other. This creates a unique situation in which the threshold for buying is considerably lowered.

With this addon you can also enter a notification in FloriShop and feed it back to (a group of) customers. Several standard notifications are available with different periods. All you have to do is link the customer to the notification, for example for holiday notifications or reminders to contact. You can record the notifications per debtor group.

The functionality offers you the possibility to create notification messages, link translations to a notification message and link debtors and/ or debtor groups to a notification message.

For a Notification message you can record the following information:

• The description of the message
• The number of times the message will be displayed
• The validity period of the message

On the right top corner you will also find a pictogram Notification Centre where the user can read back notifications. So useful!

Interested? Ask us about the possibilities for your system, we are happy to help you.