The future of efficiency with Florisoft Apps

Since 2022, we’ve embarked on a revolutionary course with the development of our own apps. After a period, full of challenges, fine collaborations and dedicated efforts, we are excited to share all the details with you.

Our aim is simple but ambitious: Optimal user experience with the use of innovative and intuitive apps that integrate effortlessly into our user’s workflow.

Innovative & Accessible
Our apps are designed with one goal in mind: optimize your work processes. Whether you’re using a mobile device, tablet or PC, our apps are flawlessly integrated for a smooth and intuitive experience.

Advanced Framework & Future-proof
We build on our own advanced framework powered by Avalonia technology. This framework includes essential features such as installation and update mechanisms, design language, cloud server connectivity, barcode scanning and much more. Looking to the future, we’re planning many features that will make the apps even more user-friendly.

Say goodbye to version control
To make our applications even more efficient, we’ve developed a central app that takes over the version control. Behind the scenes, the app ensures that all your applications have the correct version and updates are performed automatically. You can compare it with beautifully constructed pipework, hidden behind your walls. Not visible, but it ensures the perfect flow and always fresh water!

Licensing Model
We understand that no two businesses are the same and feel it’s important that the use of our apps is possible for all Florisoft users. To achieve this, we’re busy developing a scalable licensing model, where licenses are provided per user and app. This way we can keep the entry costs low and serve all our users in a transparent and cost-efficient way.