It's been a while since we featured an addon on the website. That certainly doesn't mean we're sitting still! Our web development department is busy developing FloriShop on a daily basis. A large part of our customer base uses this webshop to sell to customers all over the world. More and more smart addons are being developed and we use the latest techniques to translate customer wishes into a clear and reliable e-commerce environment.

We recently developed the Loadbalancing addon for FloriShop.

In a load balance environment you divide the internet traffic that a web server handles over multiple web servers. This allows your webshop to handle more traffic, has less downtime and is more resistant to problems and peaks during busy days. With the help of load balancing you ensure that your webshop is optimally available for the end users!

The load balance environment provides many advantages for FloriShop:

• You can divide the internet traffic over 2 or more webshops. This prevents overloading of a single webshop.
• When a webshop is not available (due to problems, maintenance or nightly restart), traffic can be routed to the webshops that are available.
• You can perform a phased update so that the shop is not offline during the update process.
• You are able to do A-B tests because you can also run different versions on the different shops.
• A separate instance will be responsible for the webshop confirmations. The instances that are accessible to the users do not need to commit resources to this process. Even if the webshop is performed multiple times, the user experiences one webshop.

If you think the FloriShop addon Loadbalancing is also valuable for your organization, we will be happy to provide you with more information. The loadbalance addon is customized, according to the wishes of the customer and optimal for the work process.