Our webdevelopment department has applied a new design to our CMS; even more beautiful than it already was! The new design is based on the style of our website.

When adding a component, they are now easier to find using categorized tabs and nice smart icons that match the components. A full screen mode has also been added to see more components. Very useful!

We also added the option to get more information about the component before adding it. The user will see a clear description of the component in a new dialogue, this dialogue will be supplemented later with even more relevant information.

Changing a component has also got a fresher appearance; input fields, buttons and checkboxes look efficient and clearer.

The changes are not immediately active, the design will first have to be turned on by setting the web shop setting 'CMSVERSION' to 'Version2020'. Later, the new design will be the standard in FloriShop.

With FloriShop CMS, Florisoft brings your website and webshop together into one platform. With this addon you can provide your customers with your company information as well as the possibility to shop directly in your webshop. The management of this website is accommodated in an extensive CMS system that you can manage online.

Are you interested in a FloriShop solution with CMS for your company? Contact us and we'll get in touch.