Good news from our web development department:
For FloriShop they recently designed a new stock filter interface option with filter cards and dropdowns.

Webshop users focus on the product they are logging in for as quickly as possible. To make it even easier for the user, this new way of displaying your filters is now integrated in FloriShop. The filters are fast, user-friendly and clear. This way you can shop optimally efficiently: for example, you can skip, undo or combine choices.

For the new filter interface, we opted for clear filter cards and dropdowns. FloriShop is equipped with all filter options that you find important for your customers and the filters can of course also be applied to the FloriShop App.

The difference between the new stock filter interface and the standard situation is the dropdowns which are already present in the old implementation, can now also be placed at the top of the toolbar with a simple FloriShop setting. The filter cards, which are also adjustable, can be placed in the left tabs at the original filter dropdowns or, at the top at the toolbar.

The filter cards correspond to the check marks, ranges and keywords set in the filters. All cards have a cross with which the set value can be turned off again. These make use of our partial requests, so that the changes in the filter are implemented immediately after the mouse click.