We've added a new screen to the FloriShop Sales addon! This gives the seller a clear overview of all customers from his debtor group who recently made 1 or more purchases in the webshop.

You will find the following information per debtor:

• Time of last purchase
• Last time online/ active
• Number of distributions purchased
• Total amount purchased distributions
• The number and amount of distributions still to be confirmed

You can also adjust the date from which you want to request the data in the screen. This filter is filled by default.

The seller can also use the new screen to view and confirm the shopping cart of his customers. From the overview you can navigate to the customer's shopping cart in 1 click by clicking on the shopping cart icon.

You also have the option to choose another customer and navigate to stock or refresh the shopping cart. You can easily switch between the shopping carts of different customers. Useful!