Would you like to work more efficiently while maintaining control over your financial administration? We are very busy developing a new module to assist you with this!

“We’re Happy to Help You with Verifying Your Purchase Invoices!”

To provide our users with the best solutions, we are continuously working on the development of our software and applying innovative ideas.

Our drive for improvement led us explore options for centralized purchase invoice verification.

In collaboration with a select group of users, we have evaluated various options and concluded that partnering with a specialized provider is the best solution.

To involve you in this development, we are pleased to announce that we are partnering with the software package Elvy for this integration. Elvy is a leading provider of software solutions for financial administrative processes.

Once the integration is successfully implemented, we can extend it to similar systems upon request. This approach maintains our flexibility and allows us to offer you a wide range of options and solutions.

What are the benefits for you?
This new module provides centralized purchase invoice verification, allowing you to check not only the invoices for your goods flow, but also invoices from other services such as transporters, rental invoices, etc. Additionally, with a single verification, you can complete the financial verification, eliminating the need for rechecking in your accounting package. In summary, you only need to perform one verification instead of two!

When will this module be available?
We are still in the development phase, and therefore, we are not able to communicate a definitive release date. As soon as the integration is ready, we will inform you immediately!

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We're happy to help!