With a warm standby server you are always assured of a copy of the production data in a separate database on another machine. The production server can also be relieved of heavy read queries that are required for BI tools, for example. With this module you can therefore secure your data within the Postgres database on a second server, and also relieve the production server because all read queries are handled by the warm standby server.

Florisoft can implement this advanced configuration within the Postgres database so that it is compatible with the requirements of the Florisoft software.

Florisoft provides an additional configuration so the data folders on the production server will also be secured on the warm standby server. In this way, the entire production server can be recovered in case of a failure using the data from the warm standby server.

Downtime will be considerably shorter than a disaster recovery from a backup and the data loss is also less. Backups are made every day or every hour. The warm standby server will be fed asynchronously continuously with new data and will be virtually in sync with the production database.

If desired, it is possible to set up several warm standby servers based on the same database. Are you interested in this solution? Contact us, we are happy to help you.