We offer every support to offer products to the clock sales. Through stock connections you can see exactly what is in stock and you have all information within reach.

Manage and supply

As a grower, you can manage your assortment within the web environment with our Grower Portal and deliver a virtual offer in a well-arranged, easy way whereby availability is specified and the products are sent after ordering. You have quick and efficient insight into your product flows and you can deliver directly to the auction after the active sale.

The supplier has insight into which of his products are still in stock and which are on the way. You can also provide the grower with online real-time information about his products.

We have built our successful FloriGrow solution especially for growers. Thanks to the modern web interface you can get started with FloriGrow at all locations within your company, via mobile, tablet and desktop. Because of the separate job profiles, each department has access to the desired channels. Data for the unpacker or buyer is sent electronically and extensive reports are available for management.