As you know, we started a customer satisfaction survey at the end of last year. This is an important study for us to find out where we can make improvements in our organization.

We have received the results from the research agency and we are going to work with the feedback. We’ll keep you informed as much as possible via this blog on the website and via social media.

The customer survey was set up with the aim of conducting a broad baseline measurement and gaining insight into the satisfaction of our customers about all facets within Florisoft. How do you rate our services and employees? What needs are there? Where are improvements possible and where are the opportunities?

The survey results provide insight into overall customer satisfaction, the experiences you have with the various Florisoft services and how you rate them. The needs have also been inventoried. The survey also provides partial insight into our image. How do you see Florisoft? Which values do you consider important and which values do you assign to us?

In addition to insight into customer experiences, customer satisfaction and image, the results also provide points for improvement for Florisoft per department and provide tools to further increase customer satisfaction.

Did you know: we asked you how you ended up at Florisoft. The survey showed that 60% of you ended up at Florisoft through word-of-mouth advertising of your network and your own employees. We are proud of that!

In this blog, we will keep you informed of the steps we are taking as a result of your feedback and the results of the research. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook: we will also keep you informed there.