Perhaps you already read it in the press release shared by Floriday earlier today: the end date of March 31 has been postponed for 100% Digital. The implementation requires a new timeline.

After consultation with the divisions involved in the sector, Royal FloraHolland has concluded that March 31 is not achievable as the end date for Floriday. In addition, the functionalities are not yet complete enough to trade fully digitally.

Because the implementation appears to be more complex in its entirety, and Floriday should be fully supported for both growers and buyers, Royal FloraHolland has decided to postpone the end date.

In the coming weeks, the follow-up approach for the implementation of 100% Digital will be further fine-tuned, with the members council, Blueroots, Plantform and various software suppliers, including Florisoft, of course.

During these meetings, it will be determined which functionalities are still necessary to work with Floriday and what can be improved. Based on the meetings, a step-by-step plan and timeline are drawn up to further implement Floriday. We will know what this means by the end of March at the latest. For the time being, nothing will change in the leniency scheme and you can continue to work as you are used to now.

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