Now that the summer period is slowly over, we notice that more questions appear about Floriday and its current status. We’ll give you a short update.

Floriday is still developing and adding improvements to the existing features. After consultation with the people involved in the sector, Royal FloraHolland concluded in February that the stated end date of the temporary leniency scheme was not achievable for Floriday; functionalities are missing to work completely digitally.

Because the roll-out in its entirety appears to be more complex, and Floriday needs full support for both growers and buyers, Royal FloraHolland has decided to postpone the end date.

The last weeks Floriday has been working on version management on the API connection together with various software suppliers, including Florisoft. The features planned to be included in the next version of the API connection have been reviewed and the first version was made available in mid-August.

This update includes new features in Floriday that have been previously tested and have now been released for further rollout. From this month, Floriday will start the design phase of the update together with the parties involved.

In the coming weeks, users of the API connection will be informed about the above process. Information about the various functionalities and planning is also processed in the Floriday roadmap.

Have you purchased the Florisoft .Net module Floriday Client or Floriday Server for your license? We will contact you as soon as the modules are active and we start implementing them.

We are well aware that the roll-out of the Floriday modules is taking longer than expected. We are currently testing the beta version with a selection of customers. We will soon implement the main release for the other customers. With the main release, Floriday offers a 'resting point' where the new, improved functionalities can be easily included in your Florisoft .Net license.

A next meeting is planned at the end of September where we will discuss the further status. If you have any substantive questions about Floriday, you can contact the website of Floriday and navigate to the Help Centre. You can find the right information here using keywords.