“Experience optimal efficiency with the TrolleyBuilding App”
The app for the automatically registration of your trolleys, packaging and loaded products. The traceability of your products will no longer be in doubt and invoices will be sent faster and more efficiently.

Building trolleys is an art that has been practiced for many years in the floriculture industry. But let’s face it, why stick with old methods when there is a smarter and more efficient way to do it?

The TrolleyBuilding App is the right answer for this. No more hassle with notepads, notes and manual changes. With this app, all changes, from a missing product to adding extra packaging, trolleys and transport costs, can be made directly and processed real-time in the system. No delays, no double entry, just efficiency.

When the order is ready for transport, the app will sign this to the system. Without physical communication between employees and/or departments, the next step in the logistics process can proceed. Thanks to the unique barcode that’s linked to each individual trolley, it can be traced throughout the entire logistics process. This means that you and your customer always know where the products are located.

Saving time around invoicing
Besides the optimization of the building process, the app also offers great benefits around invoicing. All changes during the building process, aren’t only changed in the system, but also directly on the invoice. The invoicing department no longer has to spend valuable time manually updating invoices and entering transport costs. In contrast, the invoices can go out a lot faster, which brings direct benefits to you and your customers.

Better service for your customer
The sooner your customers receive their invoice, the sooner they can calculate their own prices and check if all ordered products will be delivered. This allows them to manage their own processes faster and more efficiently, which means you provide better service to your customer and, in turn, the customer can provide better service to theirs.

Intuitive & customer-oriented
The purpose of our apps is very simple: to optimize your work processes. Therefore, the functions of our apps are customized to the needs and wishes of our customers. In fact, we’ve developed and reviewed the apps together with some of our customers. To ensure that everyone can get along with our apps, a very intuitive framework has been developed, which makes the use of it very easy.

What’s next in the pipeline?
The launch of the TrolleyBuilding app is just the beginning!
Following soon…

  • Pickorder App
  • Cash & Carry App
  • Floriline App

We’re also developing apps for other work processes.
Which ones those will be, remains a surprise for now!

Let’s Build Together!